Movie Review of ‘Eeram’ – Tamil Movie

After a long time I had an opportunity to watch a good tamil movie. The film is called ‘Eeram’ which means wet literally but it also has philosophical meaning.

This is a super natural thriller and the director almost convinces us with the slick screenplay & excellent background score. The film opens with a young lady suicide in an suburban apartment. The police officer is our hero and he is known to the lady who is our heroine. He starts to investigate on the suicide and finds that 3 of them die related to the heroine one after another by some way of accidents/made to look like accidents. Panic sets in among the apartment residents and the police officer moves into the apartment to get a conclusion of these deaths. When you find the thing that is behind these deaths you are amazed by the story telling. A simple distorted fact can wreck a family & people die.

The hero Aadhi is good as a youngster & police officer. His athletic body suits the role. The film moves seamlessly from the current scene (investigative mode) to the hero/heroine’s earlier days (college day) when they were in love. There is no confusion whatsoever in the alternating sequences which is a relief.

The director does not enter into an argument whether ghosts exists or not, even the hero is compelled to believe that ghosts exists (so do we).

It’s a clean movie, a thrilling one and a different kind of movie experience.

My rating for this movie is 3 star out of 5.

Rating Details:
***** – Classic & Outstanding.
**** – Must Watch. Don’t Miss!
*** – Good Movie. Watch it.
** – Watch it only if you really want to.
* – Not worth your money.


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Mumbai Rains…

Rain on 23 Sep 2009 at Malad, Western Express Highway, Mumbai, India

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Power of Money

Inspirational ! Share with everyone!
Power of Money, By Adam Khoo
(Singapore’s youngest millionaire at 26 yrs.)

Some of you may already know that I travel around the region pretty frequently, having to visit and conduct seminars at my offices in Malaysia,Indonesia, Thailand and Suzhou (China). I am in the airport almost every other week so I get to bump into many people who have attended my seminars or have read my books.
Recently, someone came up to me on a plane to KL and looked rather shocked. He asked, ‘How come a millionaire like you is traveling economy?’ My reply was, ‘That’s why I am a millionaire. ‘ He still looked pretty confused.
This again confirms that greatest lie ever told about wealth (which I wrote about in my latest book ‘Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires’). Many people have been brainwashed to think that millionaires have to wear Gucci, Hugo Boss, Rolex, and sit on first class in air travel. This is why so many people never become rich because the moment that earn more money, they think that it is only natural that they spend more, putting them back to square one.
The truth is that most self-made millionaires are frugal and only spend on what is necessary and of value. That is why they are able to accumulate and multiply their wealth so much faster.
Over the last 7 years, I have saved about 80% of my income while today I save only about 60% (because I have my wife, mother in law, 2 maids, 2 kids, etc. to support). Still, it is way above most people who save 10% of their income (if they are lucky).
I refuse to buy a first class ticket or to buy a $300 shirt because I think that it is a complete waste of money. However, I happily pay $1,300 to send my 2-year old daughter to Julia Gabriel Speech and Drama without thinking twice.
When I joined the YEO (Young Entrepreneur’s Orgn)a few years back (YEO) is an exclusive club open to those who are under 40 and make over $1m a year in their own business) I discovered that those who were self-made thought like me. Many of them with net worth well over $5m,travelled economy class and some even drove Toyota’s and Nissans,not Audis, Mercs, BMWs.
I noticed that it was only those who never had to work hard to build their own wealth (there were also a few ministers’ and tycoons’ sons in the club) who spent like there was no tomorrow. Somehow, when you did not have to build everything from scratch, you do not really value money. This is precisely the reason why a family’s wealth (no matter how much) rarely lasts past the third generation.
Thank God my rich dad foresaw this terrible possibility and refused to give me a cent to start my business.
Then some people ask me, ‘What is the point in making so much money if you don’t enjoy it?’ The thing is that I don’t really find happiness in buying branded clothes, jewellery or sitting first class. Even if buying something makes me happy it is only for a while, it does not last.
Material happiness never lasts, it just give you a quick fix. After a while you feel lousy again and have to buy the next thing which you think will make you happy. I always think that if you need material things to make you happy, then you live a pretty sad and unfulfilled life..
Instead, what makes me happy is when I see my children laughing and playing and learning so fast. What makes me happy is when I see my companies and trainers reaching more and more people every year in so many more countries.
What makes me really happy is when I read all the emails about how my books and seminars have touched and inspired someone’s life.
What makes me really happy is reading all your wonderful posts about how this blog is inspiring you. This happiness makes me feel really good for a long time, much much more than what a Rolex would do for me.
I think the point I want to put across is that happiness must come from doing your life’s work (be it teaching, building homes, designing,trading, winning tournaments etc.) and the money that comes is only a by-product. If you hate what you are doing and rely on the money you earn to make you happy by buying stuff, then I think that you are living a life of meaninglessness.

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Ganapati Visranjan – 2009 at Kandivali, Mumbai, India

A snapshot of Ganapati Visranjan at Kandivali, Mumbai.

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Bureaucracy at its best!

India is known for its bureaucracy and the babus! I have had experiences with the local municipal office to corporation office of metros dealing with the junior level peons and officers. They all have the same look on their face! What can you (I) give or What can I extract from you (I). If they feel that you are someone important or think that they can extract more from you the cost of service (whatever) goes more than double.

The best of bureaucracy and corruption can be seen at RTO (Regional Transport Office) although all the govt offices are same & corrupted as RTO. RTO issues registration numbers for all kind of vehicles in their region and driving licenses for individuals. Nobody from the outside world know what is happening at this office. All you have to do is catch a pimp who is waiting outside the RTO and presto.. your job is done in a matter of few hours. You got to just follow this broker (like a dutiful dog!) and stand wherever he stands. The important thing to note is you must not annoy this broker (although you are paying enough money) because if you do, the job will take longer than the prescribed(?) limit. The RTO walls are so tightly shut that a common man (aam aadmi) like me cannot even get an ounce of information directly from the office peons and clerks. Like they say – all roads lead to one destination – all hands lead to the pimp/broker. They are the official interpreters between the customers (us) and the officers. Brokers understand both sides of the language, the bureaucrats understand only broker’s language and they don’t even bother to listen us if we tried to communicate. By end of the day each broker has about 20-25 license application everyday! and you can see pile of papers on each desk. Paperless office & e-governance! it all crap.

There is lack of transparency, accountability and lackadaisical attitude of bureaucrats is making this country to hold onto the growth. The corruption is now in their blood! I saw this debate on NDTV yesterday, 01 Sep 2009 that 32000 cr is given to the babus as bribes in India per year. Thats a lot of money! My boss use to say India always takes a foot forward and simultaneously takes two feet backward! We are actually going nowhere!

Will the system change? How to change the system? Is there a simple answer or complex answer for these questions? I don’t really know! but I am sure that if I change first then it will be the first step and I don’t think I am changing in the near future. Unless I change I cannot ask/teach the future generation to think differently or act differently. In shipping industry the software of major ports are written by Indians to reduce paper transactions but if you see the Indian port technology there is always this paper and that paper required for every process.

Be the change you want to see – Mahatma Gandhi.

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Versova Beach.

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Lovely pics…

Took these pictures while on traffic yesterday, 26 Aug 2009.

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